Dragon Dictation App

App Review: Dragon Dictation

Website: http://www.nuancemobilelife.com/support/USA/engusa/dragon-dictation

Works with: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

Great alternative to typing on a tablet.  Free, so it’s not as robust as the full featured products.

Tested on: iPad, 1st generation

What I like about it: small learning curve.  Only the basic features that I need.  Extremely accurate.

Gotcha’s: Limited recording time before it starts transcribing (though it wasn’t a problem for me).

I use Dictation for: reading notes off my whiteboard.  Then, they get copied to Microsoft Word documents.  Also, use for quick notes/ideas on the go.

Cheat Sheet

Commonly used commands:

“New Line” or “Next Line”
Press the enter key once, capitalize next word
“New Paragraph” or “Next Paragraph”
Press the enter key twice, capitalize next word

Commonly used Punctuations

“ampersand” or “and sign”
“question mark”
“exclamation point”
“equal sign”
“at sign”
“forward slash” or “slash”
“begin single quote” or “open single quote”
“end single quote” or “close single quote”
“begin quote” or

“open quote”

“close quote” or

“end quote”

“left parenthesis” or

“open parenthesis”

“right parenthesis” or “close parenthesis”
“percent sign”
“dollar sign”
“pound sign”
“degree sign”


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