outlook2013Do You Live in Outlook?   Want to move around a little faster?  See below…

Alt + S Send the e-mail

Ctrl + C Copy selected text.

Ctrl + X Cut selected text.

Ctrl + P Print selected text.

Ctrl + K Complete the name or e-mail being typed in the e-mail address bar.

Ctrl + B Bold highlighted selection

Ctrl + I Italic highlighted selection

Ctrl + M Send and receive all

Ctrl + U Underline highlighted selection

Ctrl + R Reply to an e-mail.

Ctrl + F Forward an e-mail.

Ctrl + N Create a new e-mail.

Ctrl + Y Go to folder.

Ctrl + Shift + A Create a new appointment to your calendar.

Ctrl + Shift + O Open the Outbox.

Ctrl + Shift + I Open the Inbox.

Ctrl + Shift + K Add a new task.

Ctrl + Shift + C Create a new contact.

Ctrl + Shift + J Create a new journal entry.

Ctrl + Shift + V Move folder.

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