Email Security in The Cloud

Today I ran across an interesting article that discussed some of the issues surrounding Microsoft’s Office 365. If you’re not familiar,  it’s a suite of popular Microsoft software that runs in a data center (with the most popular being Exchange mail). Interesting? Not really. However, the decision for BAE to Read more…

Dude, Where’s My Cloud?

Is You're Head in the Clouds?

OK, I stole the title from that blockbuster hit starring Ashton Kutcher.  So sue me.  What I’m talking about here is not losing your car but losing your business information.  In the movie, the kids couldn’t remember where they parked their car.  However, for this exercise substitute “data” or “Cloud” for car and you’ll know where I’m headed.  Is your Cloud parked in Tallahassee, Toronto or Timbuktu?

So after you’ve fallen head over heels in love with your shiny new Cloud make sure (more…)