XP End of Life is April 8, 2014, are you ready?



10. You’re NOT penny wise and pound foolish.

9. Chances are a system running XP is more than 5 years old and the hardware is going to start failing anyway.

8. You DON’T need to run an extremely expensive piece of equipment based on XP.  i.e. CNC machine, lab system, or some other tool that would require a huge capital outlay.  If it’s just a simple PC then just replace it.  Migrating your data these days is a snap.

7. In most cases, XP  is not (or will no longer be) supported by your Line of Business software vendor.  i.e. your Accounting, ERP, CRM, xyz software.

6. You will probably help morale because employees will appreciate that you’re willing to spend a little money on them.

5. Information is the life blood of most modern organizations.  If users can’t run new software tools that allow them to create, sort, deduce, and be productive then you’re just putting yourself at a competitive disadvantage.

4. Don’t be a dinosaur.  XP was released in 2001 which is an eternity in this business. Like you, Microsoft has to change to stay competitive.

3. It will be very time consuming to “lock down” an XP computer to the point where it will be reasonably safe.  But you’d still be taking a chance on security.

2. Banks are still running many ATM’s on some flavor of XP.  People who run banks can be stupid.  Do you want to be stupid?

And the #1 reason for switching from XP: Microsoft will no longer patch it’s code!  It will no longer allow you download and install new security updates to keep your systems secure.  This means that the PC will be at greater risk for malware infections and that will potentially open the door to your businesses assets.


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