Do I Need A Computer Server?

by Brian on February 6, 2018


What Is A Server?

A server is essentially a computer that is designed to handle larger workloads then a typical desktop computer. There are many types of servers but here are some basic types:

  • File Server: usually a central repository for a companies information. It usually serves up files and folders to users over a network.
  • Line of Business (LOB) Server: usually serves up a Line of Business (LOB) software for a company. This could be trucking dispatch software, ERP, practice management, accounting software. Examples include: Quickbooks, Visual Manufacturing, Profit Tools, Great Plains, Peachtree, Dentrix, SoftDent or whatever software drives your company and users rely on every day.
  • Mail Server: is used to send and receive emails. They can reside on premise or in the “cloud” i.e. data center

Server Manufacturers

  • HP (Hewlett Packard)
  • Dell
  • Lenovo/IBM
  • There are many others including “white box” and/or custom builds.

Buying Servers

Clients will often ask “What is the best brand to buy?” In which case, we say “it depends”. There is not one brand that is better than another; however, we lean towards Dell, HP and Lenovo. They are the big three right now. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean that a custom build or another brand is not good. It just means that the HP, Dell and Lenovo server tend to give the best “bang for the buck” when it comes to build quality, parts, warranty, and overall experience.

How Big Does A Server Need to Be and How Much Should I Spend?

This really depends on the size of your business. Your budget. How many client computers will be accessing the server. The amount of downtime that you can stomach. It’s important that you ask these questions at minimum. A qualified consultant will ask these and more to find the server that is properly sized for your organization.

If you need help choosing a server or computers for you network then contact us at 603-742-1118 and we’d be happy to help you “right size” your purchase so that you don’t have buyer’s remorse.

Making Passwords Easy with LastPass

by Brian on May 21, 2014

LastPass for Passwords




Have you ever had trouble remembering all your passwords? If you haven’t it probably means you’re using the same password for everything or making it really easy to remember. Which one is it? You might want to test your password strength if I’m making you a little nervous.  You may have one really tough password that you can remember easily and that’s okay; however, wouldn’t it be nice if you could change your passwords frequently or make them hard for hackers to crack?  Well you can with internet browser addins such as LastPass, Roboform and KeePass.  These simple to use applications “plug” themselves into your Chrome, Internet Explorer or Firefox browser and allow you to use one master password to control all of the others.  I know what you’re thinking, “doesn’t sound very safe to me”, right?  However, if you couple that tough to guess password with another program on your mobile device then you’ve got yourself “Two Factor Authentication” and a very tough nut to crack.  Let me explain.


1.) Open your browser with the LastPass addin installed…






2.) Sign in with your master password…






3.) LastPass prompts you for your second piece of authentication using a random number on your Google Authenticator app on your phone….










4.) Done!  You’ve just created a very secure, cost effective, and easy password dump.  Oh, did I mention both LastPass and Google Authenticator are FREE!

Here are the formal instructions to setup this simple to use system:

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